Property Management Services

Property Handling and Management

To handle your property from A-Z with regard to maintenance, key handling, Government relations, troubleshooting, tenant handling, contract management.


(Legal and related services) - Provide reasonable and customized consultancy upon review of cases in the field of Real Estate and Government documents.

Inheritance, Personal and Related Matters

Handle the documentation and processes for all kinds of inheritance and property division, tax, legal compliance, registry issues, family process, lawsuits and any relevant pending matter.


Advice on which sections are worth investing in Lebanon and Cyprus, and help you in setting up.

Property Sale and Purchase

Help you in selling or purchasing your real estates, and advise on the transaction schemes with YOU in mind.

Design Services

Brand Development and Company Image

be it your company, product or special promotional project, we cover the A to Z of your company’s image and its brands. We analyze your needs and goals, merge the brand visual and market needs, Design brand logo, identity item design, relooking, Rebranding, packages, interior application of brands, ad pages, billboards and other. We can even assist you in quality control and production of your materials, putting under your disposal our different departments’ experience and connections.

Social Media and Website

we have years of experience and knowledge in this field, and we follow the media industry and know its hypes. We offer consultation to our customers that is based on years of experience, and loads of social media interaction. We help them design their social media pages to conform to company image.


help you in designing the website you consider best fits your users, with “easy to navigate” in mind, while bringing all your design elements under a single link.

Supply Chain and Consultancy Services

Performance metrics

The SCC Division aims at aligning your business with your needs and expectations. We help you in your analysis and guide you to ask the right questions and present it beautifully. We support in modernizing your company’s KPIs to be SMART and lead you to use the right tools as dashboards, power reports and automation which we can design for you.

Supply Chain Management

We would analyze the current As-Is situation of your company in search for loopholes, gaps, bottlenecks and places to improve, and present you with better practices that will align your company’s values with the demands of the market. Through coordination between our experts and your company’s front-end decision makers, we will smoothly implement the needed changes and guide your customer service and supply chain teams to assimilate the needed skills to remain competitive.

Levant Oil & Gas

Since 2012, the Division has been thoroughly following up the region’s oil and gas news, while providing newsletters to its subscribers to remain up to date. The Division believed O&G as a highly flammable topic with endless news and developments; it undergoes frequent trainings and conferences to maintain a strong quality of information.

Ecommerce & SEO optimization

We will analyze how your market responds to your online buzz, and optimize your online presence by making it a pleasant and useful visit.